Friday, 8 April 2011

when the party stops the lights come on photo 2

Like the wheels on the rollerskates. Like the wheels on a car. Like the wheels on a plane that soon disappear and go up in the air. If you get the picture you know how much I wan't to escape this prison not just on my own but with my friends or shall we say inmates. I don't think they feel the same way I do but every day is exacly the same it's like a brocken clock you know when you dont even hear the ticking that helps you close your eyes and helps you sleep. Sleep in a big white  room with hundreds no thousands of pillows filed with duck feathers just like the clouds which is exacly where my head is at this moment. With Mr. gerard butler ha ha ha.

Put on your fucking rollerskates and go into a completey different place thats ateast 8oo miles away from where you live. Or just daydream.

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